****Bridal makeup & grooming kit essentials****

I have a wedding to attend this December, yes it's my best friend's wedding. And while getting excited about the dresses, jewelry, footwear, skincare, haircare etc etc etc I suddenly realized, Gosh!!!!!!! just procuring these things won't be sufficient, I need to look good as well.

If you are going to get dressed at your home, then it's fine coz you will have every makeup item at your home, but what if you are suppose to go on a trip and what if you forgot something and in middle of night somewhere in the far away at the wedding place you remember something which is extremely important but you can't get it as it is either too late or the venue is too far from the city or any beauty store.

 Imagine this!!!!!!!!

So ladies, no matter if you are attending a wedding or you yourself are a bride, we all need to be prepared while planning for a trip where you look stunning all the time.
Trust me even if you plan your best, there will be still some items or products that you will forget for sure.

Worry not ladies, in this blog i am going to share with you list of the products or items which are essentials while you pack your vanity for attending a wedding.
Below is the list of beauty and skincare products that you will need.
Save this list for future reference.
I have categorized the products as per type, and I have tried my best to include basic stuff to reduce ur luggage ....

So here you go......

1. Lip balm - Thick tube or stick (avoid containers)
2. Lip stick - liquid/chubby stick/crayon/palette - Red/Pink/Orange/Nude
3. Lip gloss - Neutral color, to save space
4. Lip liner - Nude, to save space
5. Lip scrub (optional)

1. Kajal - Black
2. Eye liner - Black
3. Gold Eye shadow or pallet
4. Mascara - Black
5. Eye brow pencil

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1. Light Moisturizer
2. Sunscreen - min SPF 30
3. Primer - Silicon based
4. BB cream/ Foundation/ Concealer
5. Setting powder/compact
6. Setting spray (optional)
7. Makeup remover - wipes / spray
8. Toner / rose water
9. Face wash
10. Scrub / ubtan
11. Night cream/Aloe vera gel
12. Highlighter

1. Setting spray(optional)
2. Conditioner
3. Shampoo / dry shampoo
4. Hair bands / clutches / pressing pins
5. Hair oil

1. Nail polish
2. Base coat (optional)
3. Top coat (optional)
4. Remover

1. Hand cream / baby cream
2. Mehendi/Altha (optional)

1. Body lotion with SPF 30
2. Body wash
3. Body Scrub/ubtan

1. Hand sanitizer
2. Cotton
3. Tissues
4. Q-tips
5. Under arm roll-on
6. Perfume
7. Sanitary napkin
8. Hair removal cream/ razor
9. Towels
10. Napkins
11. Hair dryer
12. Make up pouch

I hope this list will solve your problem and if you think I have missed any important item please do let me know........