Make a Top with old shirt

Dear All,

Today I am going to show you easiest way to convert your old shirt into a latest trendy top. You can wear this on jeans, skirt, short, palazzo etc.

So, lets get started........

Things required:
1. Shirt - Old or new
2. Scissors
3. Sewing Machine
4. Measuring tape

Optional step : Iron the shirt to get ride of any creases before we begin.

Step 1 : Lay the shirt flat and cut the sleeves. Make sure you cut the sleeves leaving at least 1 inch from the armhole joint.

If the shirt is loose and the shoulders are too broad, then cut the arm holes as per your required width.

For this project try to use perfect fitting shirt.

Step 2 : Cut open the side stitch from the shirt as well. Repeat this for both the sides.

Step 3 : Cut the hand cuffs of the sleeves.Repeat this for both the sleeves.

Step 4 : Cut the side stitch of the sleeves as well and open the entire sleeve. Repeat this for both the sleeves.

Step 5 : Fold the sleeves cloth and cut it diagonally. At the top keep the width as per your requirement. If the arm hole is tight then you can increase the width of the upper portion as per your requirement.

If you do not need extra inches at the arm hole, then attach like shown in the picture.

Do not cut till extreme end of the fabric, leave 1 inch and then cut, so that after you stitch the fabric will sit properly.

Step 6 : Join the side of the shirt to the diagonal side of the cloth. Make sure to lock the fabric after stitching to provide extra grip to the fabric.

Step 7 : Trim off the extra fabric from the sides of the shirt. I have made a nice u-shape. If you want to have it straight , you can do so, but it might not look as trendy as the u-shape might.

Step 8 : Hold and stitch the arm hole fabric. Make sure you stretch and press the fabric in shape. Else the stitch might look clumsy.

Step 9 : Stitch the bottom section. Fold the fabric twice and give it a stitch.

Step 10 : Get rid of the pockets (if any), otherwise the top might look like men's shirt.

And that all a trendy top is ready which we can mix and match with any bottom of our choice.
I hope this tutorial was useful.....

Happy sewing.....