Styling Tips for instant makeover

In this post I am going to talk about, how you can transform your look from ordinary to extra-ordinary by implementing very little changes in your style.

I have kept the list extremely simple to follow and all the ideas are very practical. So lets start the discussion.

******Always remember******

The over all look of a person should never be too loud, else we will end up looking like clowns. Think and pick one or two things in your look which you would like to highlight instead of going extravagant with each and every detail.

Here is a list of things which can make you stand out in a crowd in a positive way:

1. Bright / Right lipstick

No one can deny, Red lips are the prettiest. So when in doubt takeout your red lipstick and apply it for that instant boost. 
A bright and correct lipstick can instantly change the entire look, be it a bad hair day or an untimely breakout. Red lipstick will always be there for your rescue. However, while selecting the red lipstick you must check and buy the correct undertone of red lipstick else the whole look might bomb all together.

And if you are not a red lips person, you can always go for any other shade of lipstick like Pinks, Oranges, Peaches, Nudes etc depending upon the shades which you like and whatever suits you. As long as you are wearing a good lipstick you can kill the looks. So always invest in good quality lipstick which suits you and will come handy during crisis.

2. Heels / Perfect Footwear

Everyone knows that height means confidence. Even if you are 5 feet tall or 6 feet, it really doesn't matter. Just add a nice pair of heels and your overall look will turn into super confident one.

Adding extra inches to your look gives the sense of self-confidence and moreover the other person looking at you will take you seriously and the moment they look at you, they can feel that you are a confident person.

However, while selecting the heels make sure you select sleek and posh designs and not the too stout and manly ones. Keep them feminine, else the entire look will go for a toss and you will end up looking like trash. 

If you can't wear pencil heels like me, then do not worry my ladies we can always go for nice block heels or wedges with narrow heel. Just avoid bulky footwear.

3. Jewelry /Statement pieces

Ok first of all, let me explain to you what does statement jewelry mean. Statement jewelry is something which is big, chunky, sparkly and which stands out.

So whatever you are wearing, even if it is a simple black dress, the moment you add one statement piece the look transforms into an outstanding ensemble.

However, we need to keep one thing in mind that we do not wear more than 1 statement piece at a time. If you have worn a statement necklace, then keep the ears free. And if you are wearing chunky earpieces then leave the neck alone.

Same goes with the bracelets as well. If you are wearing statement bracelet in one hand, then keep the other hand simple.

4. Hairstyle / High Buns or Pony

Another styling tip which is free of cost, is hair styling. Do not worry about expensive hair styling tools like curlers, straighteners etc etc... Just make a messed up high Pony or high bun, more than enough to make you stand out.

When I say messed up, we need not look like a beggar, just run your hands in the hair and make a pony or bun the way you want. All these rugged hair styles look amazing. Try it.

5. Handbag / Clutches

Invest in at least one good quality hand bag. It need not be a Gucci or MK, but whatever local brand you are buying, make sure the material quality is good and the bag is sturdy and stiff. The stiff material gives an illusion of expensive bag.

In these kinds of bags the things can be arranged neatly and whenever in need you can find stuff easily.

The sturdy bag changes your look like anything, it gives a message that the person carrying it is really sophisticated and is an organised person.

6. Eye-wear Aviators / Clear Glasses

And as on today, the last tip which can take you places is Eye-wear.

No makeup, puffed face, red eyes, sleepy eyes, drowsy face or even a sick face, what so ever the case may be, a pair of nice eye wear can really shield you and protect you from embarrassing situations.

Always carry one nice pair of aviators or goggles to give a kick of style.

Eye wear need not be only dark shades, even the transparent glasses can look super classy. They add cuteness quotient.  

I hope you have liked the styling tips which we have shared with you. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them with us in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.