4 Easy & Quick Bread Recipes

Dear All,
In this video, I am going to share super easy and quick recipes which can be made with bread within no time.
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Recipe 1

Take any leftover curry, in this video I have taken potato fry. Mash the potato and mix some tomato ketchup. If you don't like the flavour of tomato ketchup you can skip this part
Now spread this mixture on the fried side of bread and apply butter and fry on hot pan.

Recipe 2
Add some oil to the frying pan and break an egg. sprinkle some salt and chili powder, you can use Salt and pepper as well. If you want runny yolk, don't over fry and simply place this fried egg on the Slice of bread. Apply butter and fry.
Recipe 3
This is the quickest recipe of all. Place a cheese slice on the bread and sprinkle some chat masala. If you don't like chat masala, you can add any spice of your choice. Now place the other slice and apply butter and fry.
Recipe 4
For this dish make basic omelette. Break the egg in a bowl and add salt and chilli powder. Mix it well and put this mixture on the pan. Do not forget to add oil before adding this mixture. Now place the bread on this mixture. Make sure that the fried side of the bread is placed on the mixture.
Carefully flip it and add some butter.
That's all, all of these recipes are very very easy and basic. I have added lot of butter in each recipe, if you do not want to add too much butter, you can reduce the quantity of it.
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